Global Tv

Where does the ‘television’ you consume come from? 

With Netflix as the main and constant stream for the television shows and movies, it has enabled us not only the convenience of having access to all this media but as well has introduced global television that may not have been available to us before. Nowadays we have the opportunity to watch television from across the world, that ultimately give us the tool to explore different cultures through media.

What does it tell you about the world in which you live? 

It tells me that the world we live in today has access to a vast amount of television than ever before making us more global. Lotz (2017) “It’s now possible for a series to release new episodes for viewers around the world, and the result is a global watercooler – a shared media culture that transcends national boundaries.”  continuing as we can understand with the arrival of Netflix at the touch of our hands it has allowed us to become engrossed in media that is being made across the globe. Through the internet on platforms like Netflix has changed the way we watch and what we watch in a revolutionary way.

The Global Success of : Game of Thrones and Failure of American remake: Kath & Kim

HBO’s Game of Thrones series had huge global success, referred to as “Tv’s First Global Blockbuster” Lotz (2017). The series is set in a fantasy world, in which the act of winning is met with greater costs. Game of Thrones was a tv series unlike anything been done before, its production value was at ties with one of a movie. Whilst its global success was clearly due to its appealing visual standard other factors made it into the blockbuster it is seen as today. 

Straubhaar (2007) comments on why audiences engage or reject television programs based on their cultural realities, they are more likely to be interested to cultural similarity or proximity. In theory, Game of Thrones is set in a far distant world, that not many cultures can identify to. Lotz (2017) explains how its setting was one of the reasons for its global success Its fantasy setting takes place in a world that isn’t geographically or culturally distinctive to the U.S., which also broadens audience appeal. Television shows that aren’t country-specific… tend to be among the most successful in international trade.”

In contradiction how can this American medieval show be so successful in relation to the cultural proximity theory. This theory suggests that audiences prefer their local due to the familiarity of culture.This is demonstrated through the successful and well renowned Tv series, Kath and Kim when introduced into an American remake completely lost its organic and individualism that the Australian version embodied. Although the produces tried to culturally accommodate to American viewers through setting the series in suburban town of Arizona Due to this lack of success we can acknowledge that comedies aren’t easily localised, as they don’t translate well to other cultures as each have their own sense of humour, thus ‘Cultural Proximity’ is evident.

Thus through these two case studies, we can appreciate what makes a successful global tv series. People tend to be more engaged with content when they are able to find cultural similarity or proximity as explored through the success of Game Of Thrones, whereas something like comedy hit tv series in Australia is not able to travel and be adapted by another culture inevitably losing its authenticity.

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